Make the vision clear! Then go to work!

Why wait until the New Year to begin working on your goals?

You can start now! But first it must start with a plan!

I am the Master at Goal setting and High Productivity!

From balancing grant writing, Directing non profit programs, traveling out the country, working with clients, to ministering, hosting events, and being an engaged wife and mother… I think I’m well qualified to show you my tips and tricks to how I’m so productive while balancing it all!

There’s no excuse as to why you’re not reaching your goals! All you need is an identified goal, clear vision, concise actionable steps and then GO FOR IT!

Sometimes trying to accomplish your goals may seem overwhelming and out of reach!

You may be feeling stuck or simply don’t know where to start.

Luckily for you, I have narrowed down a perfect, easy to use process on how to make your goals clear and attainable, while also managing those barriers and pitfall that seem to hinder growth and productivity.

In working with me, I can guarantee you will leave our sessions feeling:

  • Empowered
  • Clear Minded
  • Goal Oriented
  • and Purpose Driven

Be prepared to do your homework and lets go to work!

Book me now for your chance to feel clear and concise about your goals and allow me to coach you through the process to major goal accomplishment and high productivity in your life, business, project or ministry.

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Final Words! Confident Catwalk Reflection!

My heart is full and am very grateful for such an amazing turn out of #ConfidentCatwalk women’s empowerment event.

I am so inspired and am so grateful for Sheryl Grant and Charleszetta Bald for your empowering words of encouragement and for sharing with us that your journey shaped you to be the Badd women that you are today.

Mrs Sheryl, thank you for showing us how to command the room, speak with authority and use Faith, Intuition and Tenacity to reach our goals!

Ms. Charlie, we thank you for being so transparent of how your difficult past, groomed you for your beautiful transformative and bright future! And let us not forget that amazingly bold catwalk that you lead our ladies to do with sass and confidence! Yassss.

The female unity and the amazing vibe that was in this room was unmatched to any other event I’ve experienced!

DJ Sticky! Joaquin Antonio Andrade you are so dope man!!! You was killing that music brother!!!

To my sis Mayra Dayann thanks for your heart and sharing the stage and hyping me up sis.

Ebere Sonoiki thank you so much for covering our event sis!! You came through 

To all my awesome vendors y’all are so amazing and I pray major blessing over your businesses 

To all my award winners!!! Much love and blessing to you ladies! Keep encouraged and keep going being who you are and for doing what y’all do. We see y’all sisters(  Vanika Lewis, Sabrina Robertson, Rein Johnson, Michelle Denise Milam, Denese Dillihant, Lakita Denise Long )

And thank you to my husband , Will Tate,  for hanging out with us ladies and for your kind words and your acknowledgment and support. You even had a tie on! Lol.

And thank you to all the amazing women that supported this event. You all are amazing and please be encouraged to be Unapologetically you no matter what. We celebrate you sisters 😘

Until next year,continue to walk unapologetically in your purpose!Be confident in who you are and dont let anyone stop your shine!

Signed, Contesa Tate

A Woman’s Empowerment Event!

Sisters it’s time to Refocus, Recharge and Rededicate ourselves to being Unapologetically Confident!

Come join me, Contesa Tate, for my 1st ever Confident Catwalk event! This is a women’s empowerment event to encourage women to be Unapologetically Confident while learning how to successfully walk in HER purpose!

This event will feature an empowerment speech by the world renowned Mentor, Speaker and Social Entrepreneur, Sheryl Grant!

We wouldn‘t be complete without an actual Catwalk, which will be graced by the Celebrity Model and Lifestyle Blogger, Charlie, who will teach our women how to strut and Power Pose with Purpose! 

Come enjoy some hot music on the ones and twos by the talented DJ Sticky and come shop and support the showcasing of our awesome Female Led Vendors!

We will also have media coverage by Truthfm Radio and an award ceremony to honor 6 amazing women who have been nominated for their Unapologetic confidence and major contribution to their community.

Last but not least, join me in a birthday toast at the end of the program.

This is an event that you don’t want to miss!

Tickets can be purchase at

See you soon Sisters!!!!

Sponsored by: Oakstop, Richmond Food Hall and Balln Audio

This is ContesasWorld!