Level up in 2019!

2019 is definitely the year to level up!

Level up in our health, wealth, spirit, life productivity and so much more!

I can literally feel it in the air and in my soul that anything can be accomplished in this season.

But what does it take to level up? What does it take to graduate to the next level in your life?

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2019 is your Year!

I don’t know about you, but I feel in the spirit that 2019 is going to be an amazing year. Not to discredit any year that God allows you to see as being short of amazing on it’s own, but there’s something special for 2019.

As we bask in the expectation of greatness for this year, let us get into position to receive the blessings that God has in store for us this year!

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Beautiful and Unique!


Let this post be a reminder to you, that you are beautiful, wonderful, powerful and unique!

I understand life can sometimes get you down….

I understand people can let you down…

I understand slow progress to reaching your goals can discourage you…

But be encouraged by these words, and hold on to the fact that you have a reason to smile, not becasue of what you have, but simply because of who YOU ARE!

Enjoy my Queen Sisters! Embrace yourself.

I love you!

Your Sister and Coach,

Contesa Tate

Contesa L.Tate from M.D.M.H. PHOTOS on Vimeo.

A Triggered Thought

While falling through the black whole of social media (aka scrolling for an innumerable amount of time) I unintentionally fell into a deep sadness, followed by panic, and hopelessness, ultimately ending with anger and curiosity.

Leading to this world wind of emotions, I was overstimulated with black lives matter posts, news coverage of injustices, senseless killings and violence, racism, class-ism and all the other -isms and -schisms that exist to cause chaos and confusion.

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I’m Back at it Again!

It feels so good to get back to one of my first creative loves.. blogging!

With all the life lessons and maturity I’ve gained over the years, I have so much content and stories to share with all of my blessed readers.

As I was thinking about restarting my blogging platform, I struggled with finding the right category or niche to focus on or to conform to.

But then it hit me! I’m a misfit!

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Welcome to Contesa's World!