Final Words! Confident Catwalk Reflection!

Mrs Sheryl, thank you for showing us how to command the room, speak with authority and use Faith, Intuition and Tenacity to reach our goals!

Ms. Charlie, we thank you for being so transparent of how your difficult past, groomed you for your beautiful transformative and bright future! And let us not forget that amazingly bold catwalk that you lead our ladies to do with sass and confidence! Yassss.

The female unity and the amazing vibe that was in this room was unmatched to any other event I’ve experienced!

DJ Sticky! Joaquin Antonio Andrade you are so dope man!!! You was killing that music brother!!!

To my sis Mayra Dayann thanks for your heart and sharing the stage and hyping me up sis.

Ebere Sonoiki thank you so much for covering our event sis!! You came through 

To all my awesome vendors y’all are so amazing and I pray major blessing over your businesses 

To all my award winners!!! Much love and blessing to you ladies! Keep encouraged and keep going being who you are and for doing what y’all do. We see y’all sisters(  Vanika Lewis, Sabrina Robertson, Rein Johnson, Michelle Denise Milam, Denese Dillihant, Lakita Denise Long )

And thank you to my husband , Will Tate,  for hanging out with us ladies and for your kind words and your acknowledgment and support. You even had a tie on! Lol.

And thank you to all the amazing women that supported this event. You all are amazing and please be encouraged to be Unapologetically you no matter what. We celebrate you sisters 😘

Until next year,continue to walk unapologetically in your purpose!Be confident in who you are and dont let anyone stop your shine!

Signed, Contesa Tate

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