Yass Black Man

What an amazing event and awesome discussion about economics, identity, religion and building the black community with our men as leaders!

To see a room full of business men, community activists, clergy, educators, fathers, husbands, leaders was such an uplifting and encouraging sight!

It was such an honor, as a woman, to be a fly on the wall, given the opportunity to hear those inward thoughts that float through the minds of African American men. Such thoughts include feeling inadequate or judged when one shares their emotions and vulnerability with another.

Living up to the myth that men can’t show feelings, or men are suppose to be tough, consequently leaves our men feeling stuck in their emotions and burdened with pain, in need of someone to talk to and in need of validation.

Another conversation that ignited in this event was the issues surrounding the black, African American community and their lack of financial literacy and financial planning. Talk about owning property, building credit, and buying black, owning a business, re-prioritizing spending habits, contributed to the search for how to solve the problem of the black communities economical disadvantages.

And of course, religion, race and identity and politics were apart of this events discussions, leaving men to intellectually and experientially dissect historical events and their impact on today’s societal systems and lifestyle standards.

There was so much amazing material discussed during this event!

Let us keep this conversation and this setting going where men can process their thoughts, engage in thoughtful discussions and network to build communities together!

Stay tuned for more events to come!

Huge thank you to House Of Blends Barber Club for allowing us the space to fellowship, Jay Davis your organization and support, our discussion facilitator Elder William Tate Jr., our highlighted speakers council member Demnlus Johnson and Dameion King,

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