I’m Back at it Again!

It feels so good to get back to one of my first creative loves.. blogging!

With all the life lessons and maturity I’ve gained over the years, I have so much content and stories to share with all of my blessed readers.

As I was thinking about restarting my blogging platform, I struggled with finding the right category or niche to focus on or to conform to.

But then it hit me! I’m a misfit!

I don’t fit in anywhere! I must make up my own space, with my own flavor, with my own uniqueness and create a blogging platform that represents who I am and not what people would expect me to be.

With all consciousness of potentially being judged by not being the pure representation of any group in particular.. I move forward freely and unapologetically, living my best life and creating content that reflects that same fierceness.

To all my followers, readers and family, are you ready to create this space with me? Are you ready to build a community based on our own individual uniqueness? Are you ready to live and think unapologetically free?

Well… Let’s go!

Welcome to ContesaTate.com


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