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Yass Black Man

What an amazing event and awesome discussion about economics, identity, religion and building the black community with our men as leaders!

To see a room full of business men, community activists, clergy, educators, fathers, husbands, leaders was such an uplifting and encouraging sight!

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Fighting for underprivileged kids!

Unfortunately, in underprivileged and low socioeconomic communities, we see a lack of quality care and lack of culturally competent modes of providing services and care to the students and the caregivers in the academic and social systems.

Particularly in our local urban schools schools, where student of color make up the majority of the population, teachers and partnering non profit organizations must understand the “powerful influence” they have in their role of working with students and parents/caregivers.

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Processing Black Men!

With high frequencies of police brutality, the hypersensitivity of a black man’s presence and the alarming reported rates of black persons having the police called on them for “living every day lives”, it’s undeniable that the black identified community experiences trauma on a regular.

In particular to black men, there needs to be a space for the brothers to get together to have their trauma validated, sorted out and healed!

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Change your perspective on things!

It is so important that you understand the concept of changing your perspective!

The way in which you view your life or current circumstance, will dictate the way in which you respond. And most importantly, the way in which you respond to your current circumstance will dictate your success or failure to overcome your current situation!

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Fast and Pray with your Sisters!

I am so excited to be staring off the New Year of 2019 with a good ol’ fasting and prayer segment, with none other than my A Virtuous Woman’s Ministry Sisters!

I cant hardly wait to see what God has in store for us all. It is a known fact that when you draw nigh (near) to God, God will draw near to you. And what better place to be in, other than Gods presence, where we will find peace, clarity, direction, healing, vision, deliverance and more!

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