Processing Black Men!

With high frequencies of police brutality, the hypersensitivity of a black man’s presence and the alarming reported rates of black persons having the police called on them for “living every day lives”, it’s undeniable that the black identified community experiences trauma on a regular.

In particular to black men, there needs to be a space for the brothers to get together to have their trauma validated, sorted out and healed!

When creating this event, my heart have been pained with the reality that I indeed have direct and indirect trauma related to the anxiety of the wellbeing and protection of my husband, my son and any other black men who I love and care for in my life.

In response to this desire to see my black men empowered, protected and healed, I , in partnership with Jayna Davis and Boo Billions of House of Blends Barbershop, created a free public event where men can process what it’s like to be a black man in today’s society.

It is my hopes that through this process group, Black Men can be validated in their experiences along with find community and find healing for their wounds while identifying tools to help them guard themselves from future assault to their character, finances, and overall wellbeing.

Men!!! Share this event!! Come to this event and get comfortable with talking and processing your experiences!!!

🗓When: Friday June 14 , 2019

⏰Time: 6:30 Pm PST

💈Where: House of Blends 1556 Fitzgerald Dr Pinole, CA 94564 United States

Love from your Sister,

Contesa Tate

#ContesaTateLive #BlackLivesMatter #BlackMenMatter #healing #trauma #blackmanchat #houseofblends #free #event

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