Fast and Pray with your Sisters!

I am so excited to be staring off the New Year of 2019 with a good ol’ fasting and prayer segment, with none other than my A Virtuous Woman’s Ministry Sisters!

I cant hardly wait to see what God has in store for us all. It is a known fact that when you draw nigh (near) to God, God will draw near to you. And what better place to be in, other than Gods presence, where we will find peace, clarity, direction, healing, vision, deliverance and more!

Join me and my Sisters in praying and fasting from February 4th-8th.

We will be refraining from food until 12pm in honor and reflection of God and meditating on His Word!

We will eliminate distractions from our days including excessive social media use, unnecessary conversations, limit tv watching, etc.

Join us for prayer daily in our AVWM Private Sisterhood Group @ 7:30 pm PST (If you miss the prayer catch replays)

Register to our Sisterhood and our Fasting week by 👉 Clicking Here! 👈

Cant wait to see what God has in store for us Sisters


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